Sunday, November 30, 2008

stash bustin

This pillow is 21" square (my husband 'photoshopped' it to eliminate the dingy carpet background, he's color blind so I don't think he can tell how bright the background green truly is.) The block is one I made in a class a million years ago and then made into a pillow. Last year I took it apart (it was shabby and poorly done) added a border and quilted it with gold lame thread; then this week I made the pillow.

This is an updated photo of my 'art wall' The one that I will never disturb if I ever get it all folded. My husband suggested that I take it down and move it to an outside wall to increase the insulation in that wall.
Remember my list from last Monday? I've been adding to it; working on getting more couples engaged. I've even found a few more tops. Unfortunately some of them need borders; not my favorite step to quilting so those go back to the back burner. Do you suppose that I will be an expert at long-arming by the time I get these 15 quilts finished? By January? Think I'm aiming a bit high do you? I suppose it wouldn't hurt if a few of these didn't get done right away they have been sitting around for a few years already.
  1.  Magnolia blossoms (80 X 80)
  2. Noah's Ark Cheater (34 X 42)
  3. Black Irish Chain (82 X 98)
  4. String Christmas Star (86 X 108)
  5. Block of the Month (68 X 88)
  6. Twisted Star Christmas (46 X 54)
  7. Austin's Quilt (36 X 42)
  8. Rainbow Trip Around the World (52 X 74)
  9. Gentleman's Fancy (86 X 86)
  10. Strip 4-Patch (BABY)
  11. Pinwheel (74 X 108)
  12. Around the Twist with Tulip border (42 X 52)
  13. Churn Dash (80 X 90)
  14. Blue 7-sisters (88 X 70)I got lazy on this one; although I pieced the back I didn't press the seams open yet.
  15. Trudie Hughes workshop (50 x 50) Another that needs a good pressing.
Unfortunately if I count these backs as yards out I can't count them again when they are finished... or can I? Since there are NO RULES to this stash busting why not count finished items as double the yardage? I mean count it twice; once when they get 'engaged' and again when they are finished; right?

Nice try, I couldn't even convince myself...

stash busting
in- 1 yard
(we are not counting the music collection fabric that my daughter brought to me that I had no control over :)). The double parenthesis look like double chins...I'm not saying I have a double chin though!
out- 12 gift bags 1/2 yard each= 6 yards
back of a pillow=1/3 yard
tablecloths-7 1/2 yards
total ~14 yards


Loralee said...

I love all these wonderful quilt names. Have you read the Quilter's Apprentice books by Jennifer Chiaverini? They're full of quilt descriptions, with fun stories, too.

My mom and I just finished a quiet book we've been working on for about four years now. What a relief to be done--Mom says anyone who bought it for $1000 would get a bargain.

Lori in South Dakota said...

oh boy, your list makes me tired to read it! I have to have much shorter goals, a week is a long time! LOL I count my stash as busted when the quilt is "done done" as they say. Bound and ready to use. I feel so much better when I see them like that.