Saturday, June 7, 2008

the 'love' package

I've been promising my daughter a package for months now and since I finished her baby's quilt I no longer have an excuse; so it's in a box ready to go and I promise it will be mailed Monday!

I made her 2 more receiving blankets, her quilt and 6 burp rags. (I also took 31 pictures of the articles and only 4 were in focus...) The burp rags were made from purchased diapers and I added the pink flannel to one side (just in case she has a girl someday) and some boy flannel to the other side. I saw a tutorial months ago here and these are kindof/sortof based on those but reversible and no ribbon. The flannels are scraps from making diapers for my 3rd child born about 25 years ago, yes my son wore diapers with rosebuds and pink stripes and my daughter had diapers with cars and trucks and blue and white stripes. (The sandals are from my baby girl who is now in her 20's; I think I may give them to the first granddaughter.)

The crocheted border was the result of too many visits to the doctor's; I was really sorry I had started that last row (the scallop).

The last picture is what I expect my daughter will say when she receives this package; it is actually embroidered on a onsie from the 8 or so I found at a resale shop for .25 or it could be a hand-me-down from his cousin Carter.

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Mel said...

Hi momma. I do love you! I can hardly wait to see the package especially little Austin's quilt. I just packed for the hosptial today, Austin is due in exactly 2 weeks, I wonder when he will show up?