Tuesday, February 26, 2008

blanket edging tutorial

Receiving blankets;
  • First step is to determine the size of your blanket. I like to make them larger than the store's 32 inch squares. I usually use 45 inch wide flannel and purchase 1 1/4 yards so the blanket is square. I round the corners using a plate. 
  • Then I zig zag around the edge. Here you can see the backside which I did in a dark thread so you can see it. The front thread matches the fabric and is difficult to see. I stitch about 1/4 inch from edge of fabric and the edge then folds over the back while crocheting. I use the zigzag to space my stitches evenly; so far I've crocheted into every other stitch. 
  • Use an awl, or a large needle or in my case a homemade awl (I took one of my tiny crochet hooks that I had 2 of and filed it to a point, look at the shadow.) and enlarge the hole in every other stitch. You can see the enlarged holes in the first picture. Some fabrics work fine to enlarge a lot of holes then crochet, other fabric won't hold the hole very long and can only be prepunched a couple holes at a time. I found some edge patterns here.

  • The Elephant blanket is single crocheted with pearl cotton, once around. 
  • The Alligator is 2 single crochet in each hole with a variegated nylon thread that hurt my fingers after using it for a while.
  • The bicycle one is *single crochet in hole, chain three, slip stitch in top of sc, sc in same hole repeat from *. 
  • The pink is sc in hole chain 3 sc in same hole.
I appliqu├ęd motifs from fabric since I haven't been able to find any but pink embroidery floss.


Ryan said...

Looks good! Way to show your grandchildren you love them.

Ryan said...

That was actually me (Liz) not Ryan.

MM said...

Thanks so much for the tutorial! I can't wait to experiment!