Friday, January 4, 2008


I really really wanted to take my polar fleece on our trip to Idaho. I COULD NOT FIND IT ANYWHERE! Let me backtrack a bit. I have 3 dressers. My husband one. So about 2 years ago when he got into exercising and bicycling he needed another space and I unhesitatingly gave him a drawer in one of my dressers. About August this year I bought him a dresser to use as a night stand. (yes, now our bedroom has 4 dressers in it-all full.) He moved all his night stand stuff to the top of his new night stand. Then put NOTHING inside the dresser. I told him that his medications had to go into the top drawer and he grumbled but reorganized his system and filled the top drawer. After 2 months I suggested that I might start filling up the other drawers and he got busy. One drawer got filled with his exercise clothes which gave me back my drawer. I decided that my bulky sweaters, that were in a bin in the closet, should go in my new drawer. That included my polar fleece. Then I forgot about it until this morning.
So, Mom I am wearing it. It is cold here, finally, and it goes with my gray pants and my black pants that I wear when I'm not wearing blue jeans. My blue jeans go with my blue, white and red snowflake sweater that I made that lovely snowflake bracelet to go with. (I have been collecting snowflakes from clearance jewelry- soo if you are on my gift list and you really don't want a bling bling snowflake bracelet let me know otherwise I will make you one in the next couple years.) so should I make a black bracelet? You know I should.

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