Friday, January 4, 2008


How do women do it? Every room is a disaster. I was gone last night and didn't get the kitchen cleaned up after I got home at 10:30. Roger stayed home since he was ill, so he went to bed early. The guest room is usually an oasis of calm but the Christmas boxes are out so that room seems cluttered too. The family room has the uberstix's all over it (Andrew's Christmas) and the laundry (30 minutes will clean that up). The dining room will be simple (15 minutes tops) . The kitchen won't be too bad unless I cook something there, the floor needs to be moped so I estimate 45 minutes.. The front room might be knocked out with help in 10 minutes... hey, maybe this is possible.
I think I'll start with the stairs, yes they are a mess also. Remember the picture of J on the stairs? Some of his stuff is still there! Obviously he climbs the stairs with his eyes closed. I asked him to pick them up so half of them are gone, until asked ALL of it stayed on the stairs..... That was easy...the stairs are no longer a disaster. Evidently he didn't want his stuff sent to outer Mongolia. The next easiest room will be the dining room; Heaven help the little boys, I am on a crusade.

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