Thursday, December 6, 2007

angel penguin

Have you ever heard of an Angel Penguin (also called Little Blues)? I hadn't until.. oh, about 2 minutes ago. My 10 year old wondered if a visitor to my blog, from New Zealand, had ever seen one. Stumped me again, but they probably have seen one, if they ever visited a zoo there or even went to see them in person. I don't think the zoos I have visited in the U.S. have them. I learned when I googled it that they are not angel but Fairy Penguins. 'The Penguins' is a band from the 50's whose greatest hit was 'Earth Angel.' I actually remember that song, don't remember the band though..Back to Fairy Penguins; I am amazed at the information that keeps coming out of A's brain. He learned about these Penguins while in first grade, 4 years ago. I can't remember where I layed down my cool snowflake bracelet 4 days ago; let alone the IMPORTANT papers from last years taxes, that haven't been seen since April. If I could just harness his brain to help me remember the things I need to I would never loose anything again. ;)

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