Wednesday, December 5, 2007

inexpensive fun

My daughter is writing a paper in college. It is a photographic essay. I am the keeper of photographs in our family; therefore my assignment is to find and send the appropriate photos. Needless to say these are all pre-digital so I thought I'd have to send them slow-mail. I had tried scanning other photographs but then blogger didn't recognize them. I discovered (dancing with delight here) that Picassa could import them in a recognizable format.

One of the books she read this semester claimed that children in a large family were deprived of many things. Basically it claimed that to be successful in later life you MUST be from a small family. Herphotographic essay/paper is something about having fun and not being deprived because you have more than 2 siblings. She already has more current photos. I hope these work for her.


Liz said...

Thanks mom!

bj said...

Fantastic. My husband came from a large family...5 children...and, believe me, to hear him talk of the fun of growing up with so many siblings, he was NOT deprived in any way!