Thursday, December 6, 2007


A couple of weeks ago I was blog hopping and found directions for a trivet. I decided that my Webelos would make them as gifts for their Mother's. I hunted for the beads and finally found a string of wood Christmas garland with about 88 beads for $1.54! I had considered getting some at Hobby Lobby, my next to the last stop, but the 'beads' I had seen there (for like $3. for 8) weren't really beads... they were HEADS! I was afraid we would have to come up with something else for our meeting and order the beads and make the trivets for Mother's Day. :( I decided that Garden Ridge would be my last stop and there they were.
I have been looking for these beads for 3 years. My oldest had one string I had given her for her college tree but now she wanted more and we hadn't been able to find them. Incidentally I had found 3 strands at the Thrift store 3 weeks ago but wasn't willing to donate them since I knew how much she wanted them. I bought 10 strands for her tree just in case they were a different color than the thrift store ones and they were; so now I have plenty for trivets! We stained the sticks with cherry stain because their wood craft had to be finished with paint or stain. They used our drill after my husband rigged up a jig to make it easier to drill them all in the same spot. We used a wire to fasten them together.
I really struggle to find things for them to make that are not rinky dink (is that a word?) but are still possible for them to do and fulfill the requirements and don't make me stand in a HOT garage for hours. Now my son wants to make some more for his Grandmothers. Hey, at least we have enough beads!

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Liz said...

they look pretty cool.