Friday, September 11, 2015

Nativity? Nativity to be...

My sister decided to make 4 of her children Nativity scenes for Christmas this year. She has been working all year on this project. In May I helped her a bit (if you call ripping out what she had done and telling her to do it over help) and then in June she gave me the 4 grounds and  the 4 skies. I put them together and quilted them for her. Now she will paint figures onto pellon and velcro them to the backgrounds. I may or may not see the finished product for years. But here are the backgrounds:
Swirls for wind currents on the sky and map contour lines on the ground.
More swirls on the sky and McTavishing on the ground.
Giant stars on the sky and giant roses on the ground.
Les exuberant swirls on the sky and more contours on the ground...I think I added some grass and flowers too.

These were fun to do. I tried sewing the backgrounds together and quilting the tops with one mounting....ended up undoing the backgrounds and doing them separately. I can't remember exactly why but it was easier to do them apart.


BarbCarol said...

Did she think you were helping or making more work for her? It will be interesting to see her finished project.

A Nudge said...

Those velcro pieces sounds like it will be a fun telling of the story and memorable for the children. Thanks for helping her move forward with this.