Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Valentines 2015

I saw these 'spool cards' on Pinterest...never even opened the link, just saw one pictures and decided to do my valentines with the idea. I also has some thrifted sweaters and a velvet skirt, black, and this big jar of labels that I cut out of everything..
Here are my 3 completed valentine's:
I guess you'd like me to open them...
Doesn't look like at least 5 hours of time does it....and that's for each one. The base is a strip of linen cut from a pr of thrifted pants...that also determined the length. They each had this at the beginning;
Then I did different things. My Mother's was just hearts and a few words...

The next 2 got tags;

(Blogger took my picture and turned it over...explain this to me please....)

This one has more hand stitching and some charms;
When I was finished I wonder-undered an old valentine print from my childhood to the back and stitched the edge down. One got a button, the other 2 have rick rack to tie them shut with.
I glued the strip to the spool with E6000 glue. The one spool that did not have a label got a heart on top. They were fun to make, now I need to get them mailed.

P.S. So, Friday they were in the car ready to mail but I ran out of time... Then Saturday I had an idea and I opened the packages and added some bags for them....
My first one is for my husband;
 UGLY! I had to get the seam ripper out and redo this guy;
Cute but then I did this;
Darling! Here I am blowing my own horn but I loved this. Then I needed one more;
Here they are all together;
The front of one linen pant leg sacrificed for the good of Valentine's Day.
They are in the mail now with an altoid can filled with fudge for my DAD. Hope they enjoy these, I enjoyed making them.

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