Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I think this is my 8 and 9th arty post card....
I've been buying magazines for years...and years...and years, and recently (oh the last 10 years) I often get quilting arts...but I never do anything with the quilting arts arty stuff.. So I decided my postcards should be my experimenting place and try some of the ideas they write about. So here is my attempt at the confetti technique...
I also did a collage technique but with paper here;
I rearranged the map of the United States and put Colorado right on top of Texas...just the way it should be. You wonder how I can mail something with loose pages like the tear off calendar pages? I just cover it with tracing paper and Mom tears the tracing paper off when she gets it. Like this.

:You were wondering how I made the first card? With a wonder under like product that is also sticky. Steam a seam 2 lite. JoAnn's carries it in little precut strips and in 8 x 11 sheets. I cut a 4x 6 piece and ironed it onto muslim first (a hearier interfacing would have been better). Took off the paper protector. I cut an m out of the protector and set it back on the sticky surface. Then just started cutting confetti out of my tiny scraps drawer, till the background was filled. then I took off the 'm' mask and did the same thing with dark scraps until it looked like this;
Most of the confetti quilters then cover the whole mess with tulle...I have no tulle so I used some rainbow sheer fabric I had handy. I like the colored effect ..but it hides the shirt look a bit to much...but it makes a nice postcard.

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