Friday, February 6, 2015

Blanket...not QUILT

I knitted a blanket for our newest grand-baby...a GIRL! We have 7 grandsons and now one girl; our son and wife adopted her near Thanksgiving last year. Since we drove a lot last summer I started it then. Here it is:
  Then I decided to line it. I had so many questions;
  • Should I use flannel?
  • Polar fleece?
  • Cotton knit? so it would still stretch...
  • Minky?
In the end I chose regular quilting cotton cause I found a print I liked. It is youthful and playful without being babyish. 
Here is the J I designed for the left corner.
 I tied it, which was another big design decision...should I tie it, quilt it? do nothing? As you can see I tied it. First I layed it on the bed and safety pinned it from the green side, then turned it over and tied it where the pins were...This is not perfect, so I'm not happy with it...But I'm happy it is done...

Pattern from Zoe Mellor's 'adorable knits for tots' 25 stylish designs for babies and toddlers


Reed Stone said...

I love it! So when will it arrive? :)

Laurie said...

I got a label made I get to sew it on, probably by Valentine's Day :)