Saturday, January 31, 2015

Zippers...I didn't give up

I'm still using up my zipper stash, just not very fast... Some friends were moving away so I had a good excuse to sit in the sewing room for a bit and make 3 bags...

When you are trying to use zippers the first thing you do is identify the color of zipper you want to use then try to find fabric to match.For this one I had a red/burgundy zipper. Each bag is laying on a scrap of it's lining fabric.
This one had a green zipper, it was 22" long but it's easy to cut a zipper.
Here you can see the third's orange zipper.

okay, I've tried to get this in straight 3 times. Blogger keeps turning it. But you can see Abby's bag better if you cock your head. Thanks to Lisa these got monogrammed first. 
Now I'm thinking of organizing my purse with a few more bags. I could use one for receipts, and one for ..?
make-up? but I only wear lipstick...What is in my purse? A lot of folded up important papers...

What would you use a zipper pouch for in your purse?

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