Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bunny slippers

I got to serve on jury duty a few weeks ago and decided to take a simple knitting project along (NOT the big blanket I was almost finished with) so I found an EASY slipper for the 2 grand kids that are under 2. So cute. Little bunny slippers.
Finished. I hope they are wearable. This is what they look like after felting them once and twice;
The one's on the left have been washed once, the one's on the right, twice. The ears got washed once, they were too long so I just cut off the bottom half inch. I considered painting some light pink paint inside the ears...but it looks wierd. The mohair yarn makes it hairy and strange to paint. And I'd have to wait another day to mail them.
 If they don't stay on really well a piece of elastic could be added Mary Jane style...But I"m happy. The next pr will be little mice instead of bunny' come back and see them ....soon.

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