Friday, January 30, 2015


I continue to send a post card practically every day....Here is the one I did yesterday;
If you look real hard you can tell where the cluttered background ends and the post card begins. The heart trails off the card a little bit. I hope the post office will let it through. This is grandson number 7 and even though he is 18 months old he will still cuddle. So lovely to hold a cuddly baby.

Last week I sent 2 that were experiments on seaming some felted wool sweaters that I'm using to make grandson #8 (due in May) a quilt.

This is the first one, I sewed the pieces to a piece of heavy fabric and the wool crept ahead of the needle. BUT, the seam did not ripple
Here is the second one;
This one is sewn with navy thread...I like the yellow better. I glued each piece to thin piece of interfacing. The glue washes out...but there was still a little creeping and the seam did not ripple. Every recycled sweater quilt I have seen in magazines the seams were rippled. So I hoped that butting the seams would eliminate the ripple. I'm going ahead with the quilt.

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