Friday, January 30, 2015

Relief Society Invitations

I have an assignment at our church that involves an evening meeting once a month for the women in our congregation. The February meeting is going to be fun; about repurposing items for your home. So the invitation I designed started out like this;
Well, actually it started out with just a strip of a page from a book. I did 4 of those and decided to use some scraps that were in my trashcan. Literally. The zipper part came out of the trash as did the blue and white scrap. (When I cut up a shirt to use in a quilt I throw away the interfaced bits, collar and cuffs.) So I made 50 of these. Then I had a couple pieces left over so I put 2 fabrics on a few...then I saw a scrap of a red felted wool sweater and added a heart! I love these;
 You can see a red and white scrap from a collar of a mans shirt and a plaid from an old dish towel of mine.
 Here I started cutting up a new shirt so I just used a section of the buttons;
Here they are in my granite wear colander; I loved doing this.

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