Saturday, November 1, 2014

potholder tutorial

I was tweeking an old tutorial I'd written, in 2008!, and it disappeared. So I'm writing it again. :)

I like to think that I have perfected the making of potholders over the years. I have given many away and am now needing to replace the one's that have worn out.
This is the finished one.

Here is what lies beneath that pristine exterior. It was designed specifically to use up the double wide bias tape that is around the outside. I can tell it is one of my early potholders because the inside is of an old baby blanket I bought at a thrift store in 1976. It is still in good shape so I'll just cover it again.
Now I when I get a towel that is worn out I make blanks to go inside more potholders. I cut them 8.25" square cause I like big potholders.I have a stack of these ready to go.
If I need to I'll butt them together and zigzag them so make the size I want. I use 2 layers of towel in each pot holder.
First I look at my supply of double wide bias tape and decide what color the binding will be. I decided to use the blue. You can tell this has been around for awhile, it is no longer 95 cents. I think it is $2.49 now. Most would choose a color to go with their kitchen....or make a holiday one.

Step one would be to draw a line diagonally across the terry cloth. I didn't draw one because there is a seam I can follow.
Step two, choose the fabrics, I used scraps and laid them out where I will be using them. Do NOT use light colored fabrics....they get dirty too fast and look ugly soon.
Step three, sew the pieced triangle using a stitch and flip method. I start in the center;

then lay a strip on one side of the center. Pin it,
then lay a strip on the other side of the center. Pin and stitch.
 Press the strips open.
Continue sewing strips until the triangle is filled.
Notice that all the strips end well beyond the diagonal line and the outside edge.
I cut a triangle larger than I needed and pined it across where the diagonal line is. Do not stretch this when you pin it.
Then sew. Flip the large triangle over and press the seam.
Before pressing and trimming.
Lay the back onto the back of your potholder. Pin then
baste around the outside edge. I used a walking foot here.
Then trim it to 8"
Add the binding (sorry no tutorial here.) I usually do not put a loop for hanging, cause I've never used it but some may find it usefull.
and you are finished.

Here is a red one that is not quite finished but you can see the large triangle is made up of little strips.
My daughter in law took lessons and made several; you can see them here.

I have Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas potholders. I keep them with the holiday decorations and pull them out seasonally.

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