Tuesday, November 4, 2014

12 Craft night

I have gathered 12 crafts and 8 teachers to do a fabulous Friday night Craft night at my church; y'all are welcome to come. It is November 14th at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Friendswood, TX. 505 Deseret Dr. 5:30 -11:00 Pot luck soup and bread.
Please call me if you want to come, we need payment before hand so we can buy the supplies.
832 217 4038

1. Board of Photos; found here in blogland. Our Sample. Easy; once all the materials are gathered.

2. Set of blocks that say Happy Thanksgiving on one side and Merry Christmas on the other. I figure that the price will be $6.00.
3. I spy toy. Mayra is guiding in making this great toy. Her baby loves the one she made. You can bring trinkets to add to the ones Mayra brings. Cost; $4.00 I've found directions and samples on the web here and here. 
 4. Temple bracelet Elizabeth Stillion is teaching us to make a bracelet with a clip for wearing in the temple. $6.00
 5. Joy wall decoration Tiffany Theobold is helping us make this. $5.00
6. Cookie mix in a Jar will be led by Kileen Smith; what a great teacher or neighbor gift. $4.00
7. Ornament Paula Agidious will lead us in making a paper crafted ornament...or 2 that can feature a photo of your choice; ancestor or descendent. She is keeping the cost low but even paper costs money. $1.00

 8. Potholders. I will bring my never ending bucket of scraps and will teach you a simple quilting technique. I had my children and my cub scouts make these, so I'm sure you can too. Most of my relatives have received several of these over the years. $3 will buy one package of double fold bias tape that will make 3. You can give me money and tell me what color you want or buy your own. If you have worn out towels bring them, that is what is in the inside. Here is a tutorial I wrote to describe my process.

9.Giant Snowflakes Made out of popsicle sticks; I think they look great. You can see some here and here. So far the cost has varied from 1.05 for the small one to 1.70 for the largest. I am looking for cheaper Popsicle sticks-sure to find them.  Wow, I found cheaper Popsicle sticks...brought the price down! 3 for $1.00. So knock yourself out making these. We will not be buying spray paint and painting these at the church. You can leave them 'au natural' or paint them at home.
10. Bell Garland Old style bells on a jute cord. If you want fabric on it you need to bring your own. $3.50
11. Days until Christmas blocks Easy, Simple $2.00 
12. Stars..are still in the works.

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Baby Boomer Grammy said...

Great craft ideas Laurie!thanks for the tutorial on the potholders I think I'll make some.