Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween book

As promised, the other 2 books are done and here they are;
The bottom one is my favorite.
Done a little differently. Here I modge-podged burlap down THEN put the letters on top. I was concerned that the sticky letters would come off so I hunted down the thinnest paper in my house, a napkin, and put it on top.. I like the way the letters are clearer. On the first 2 books the letters were put down and then the paper towel glued on top. That left the letters smooched...less distinctive. I also didn't add any...stuff to the top since you only see the spine. Here's book number 2;
The basic directions are found here.
I've lost my display area nearest the front door (the dog would chew it all up) so I have the top of our old entertainment center. It looked like this;
Now it is this;
But I think I'm going to have eliminate the bobble heads to a different surface.
What do you think?

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