Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hat 25

I bought yarn for 3 hats to knit during my recovery...which isn't over yet. I have one finished. The pattern is from a library book; Monster knits for little Monsters. Amazon has it.
This is the first one I planned;
But I had to figure out how to change the color at the spikes, then I decided it only needed 3, which mad it easier to knit. The hats are all very similar I just turned to page to find one that was and followed that.
This is Brycen, the child I knit the hat for, unfortunately it doesn't stay on his head for long....

 Here I bribed him with smarties and we got a couple of pictures.
 His brother was happy to model the hat for me.
 Now I'd love a picture with all 3 brothers in their rooster hats!

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straythreads said...

what fun projects!! hope everything is going well with the hip speedy recovery