Monday, September 22, 2014

Kitchen Island

We remodeled our kitchen in 2011.At the time I posted a picture of my dream island but never showed you it finished. We designed it with the stone top in mind but built it with butcher-block so the space is not as big as the magazine pictures.
It sits up on wheels (that way I did not have to decide exactly where to put it.) and we can move it when we have a party. The top of the cabinet is covered in cork board, I figured if cork can be used on the floor, it can be used on this protected counter. I did a google search and found a place that would custom build the butcher block so it would be wide enough to have an overhang on both sides. Then I ordered it longer so we would have enough scraps to use as the pseudo support.
It really just hides the metal supports.

The butcher block is the workhorse of the kitchen counters. The underneath part does not get used everyday but I slide in cookie sheets when the surface is covered, pies near the holidays, and occasionally it will hold junk that was on the top when I need the surface. Usually it has my big shallow salad bowl under it, but today it was bare.

I love love love my new kitchen.

If you want to do something similar, this is what I remember. The kitchen designer at Home Depot took an upper cabinet and altered it to fit our design, she said a lower cabinet couldn't be altered the way we wanted. We took a standard cabinet height of 36 inches and subtracted the counter height and the space height and then the wheel height. I would like the space to be bigger but it is 3 5/8". The cork is 1/4" thick.  I have an e-mail from that is where I purchased the maple butcher block from. They were quick and it looks great.

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Mel said...

That looks great mom. When I saw it before it was just the cork top.