Tuesday, July 8, 2014


The month of June is over! We were so busy this blog was really neglected.
  • We took our youngest up to Texas Tech for a 5 week chemistry program.
  • We spent almost a week with our daughter and 3 grandsons in Pueblo.
  • My sister met up with us in Pueblo and I gave her her Christmas gift (I'm early, not late) her quilted log cabin. I'll get the pictures off my husband's camera soon and do another post of just it.
  • We visited Pueblo's courthouse, a beautiful building;
     Lovely painted 'feathers' and some scroll work that would be beautiful transferred to quilting.
  •  We made a quick trip up to Denver to visit my parents, our vacation plans had changed so it was my only chance to see them this summer.
    They always have a quilt on the quilt rack, I tried to take some good pictures of it...this is the best of the group;
    This was made by my great-aunt Edith Randleman. She made lots of quilts.
  • We spent about a week and a half entertaining and feeding another group of grandchildren :) It was fun working as a team in the kitchen. We did an awesome salad bar 3 times, lots of choices and with the crowd it was mostly eaten up. We also did asian rice paper spring rolls with choices laid out and everyone made their own. And popcorn, those kids would have starved if they hadn't been able to make their own popcorn. 
So June is over and July is running away, it will soon be August and time for school to start. My youngest is a senior this year, then we will be out of public schools, after 30 years of kids attending! Wow, our youngest started in1984....

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Liz Johnston said...

Great picture of you and my kids! Love it. August will hopefully be great!