Monday, June 2, 2014

Finally, a picture!

I finally got a picture of the whole quilt;
 And a detail shot;
Do you realize that getting a picture of this quilt probably took an hour? And it's still not a great picture. Next step? I don't know, this took me about 2 months to finish.  Which seems like a lot when the top was almost done when I started.
Summertime and vacation time means it's time to decide on some knitting since quilting in the car doesn't work for me. I think I'm ready to tackle knitting a baby blanket and I'm teaching some women at church how to knit a hat so we can donate some to a men's shelter this fall. I bought some bulky yarn and started a sample. The class is in July so I should be able to do a couple before then.
Meanwhile I have a quilt in the frame; the front;
 the back;
 This is a funky pink log cabin that is my sister's second quilt. She chose this fun panto for me to quilt. I'll take a picture before I return it to her. Then here are 2 baby blankets I quilted for a friend;
The same panto done in 2 different sizes. I thought the smaller one was cuter but we found that the bigger one made for a softer feel and we really liked that. Each of blankets have flannel on one side and a polka dot on the other.

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