Tuesday, May 27, 2014

quilt show

I kind of left you dangling...just wondering how my quilt did in the show. Right? Well my 2 quilts did not get ribbons (I didn't expect them to) but one of the quilts I quilted for a customer did!

You can see the whole quilt here.

It was a lovely show. It 's lovely to recognize names as I look at the quilts. Here is one of my favorites;
 The black and bright 9-patch was an exchange that Marsha Fuller did.
This was made by Cynthia Williford. The colors are great and I've done a Chinese lantern log cabin...not easy. Cynthia also made the best of show, which can be seen here, on her web site. I loved that the winner did not follow a pattern and did her own thing to a Baltimore album quilt.
Local quilt shows are the best.

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