Friday, May 16, 2014

Darling dog!

Keep repeating ...this dog is good for the family, this dog is good for the family....
So when we got him he was 'kennel trained' but I think the trauma of leaving his home, with 2 other dogs, made it so we decided to restart the kennel training. So I can't leave him for hours in the kennel yet. So I left him tied to our heavy, desk. After it worked several times he pulled it out from the wall and jerked the leash out from under the leg. Luckily nothing was harmed. So...I tied him up in the back yard to a stake that is supposed to secure a dog 50 lbs. That worked a few times then yesterday I was gone an hour and he jerked the stake out of the ground (we had had a lot of rain, so the ground was soft.)  Today I needed to go to the post office, so we staked him out outside again with the stake down lower and in a new spot with a length of rubber rope so the jerk motion was less, I got home and the rubber rope had come untied. Now I have to learn this knot so I can leave for a quilt show. So I guess I better go test it.

It works well so I will be able to go to the quilt show later!

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