Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Finished...well almost

This is me procrastinating. I need to get up and clean a couple spots off my quilt. Really I need to do it now, since it has to be dry and clean by 7:30 tomorrow morning.
But I put it off. What if the spots don't come off? What if the red bleeds? How to lay it out with out it getting any dirtier? Keep the dog off it?

Yesterday I got to go to Galveston. A quick run since I HAVE A PUPPY! But some award needed to be picked up at the Scout shop.
Fun Find # 1 
The building was built in 1963 and I bet this sofa
was put in the ladies room and left there then. I asked the receptionist how long it had been there, she has only been there 6 years. Was it old when the building was built? or was it brand new in '63?

Fun find # 2.
The old custom's house often has a quilt exhibit so I stopped there and yes, saw some quilts. So here are some pictures of the quilts I saw there.
More stars;

There were a few more...all old but no details of the quilts. I enjoyed my 10 minutes there and then headed home...on my way out of Galveston I passed an old cemetery...I've seen it many times but this time I stopped so I could show you this;

Fun find #3

 Isn't that wonderful?

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quiltndj said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. I think fun find # 1 was probably new about 1963. I remember my grandparents buying something very similar for a cabin about that time. It served as extra sleeping ,too.