Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentine 2014

First up I did not come up with this idea on my own. I'd seen some marquee letters and was wondering which letter to do then I saw this! Of course it is on my Pinterest board of Hearts now too.
I have a collection of Heart shaped boxes....or at least I used too but I cannot get into the attic until the garage is cleaned...I haven't cleaned the garage sooooo I had to go buy a box of chocolates, and if I'm going to eat chocolates they had better taste good I went to See's candy store at our mall and bought a box. :) Her it is finished;
 Here it is in my entry....I really NEED to get another box so I can make myself one, right?
The lights I found at Hobby Lobby. There are 15 led lights. Since the box had uneven humps it was a little challenging to get them equally spaced out.
 I used a drill to cut the holes. I sanded the box where I was going to paint. I taped the edge with painters tape and used gold spray paint for the center. Then glitter.

I taped the lights in then hot glued them. I wanted to include paperclips taped to the edge and bent to use as a hanger for the wall...but could find NO paperclips in my house! It is now at my sister's house. She sent me some pictures of where she might put it:


Liz Johnston said...

very cool! I don't have any valentine stuff up. I suppose we could cut up some hearts.. with the white paper I have. :)

Liz Johnston said...

I like it! I don't have any Valentine's up.. I guess I could cut up some white hearts..