Friday, February 28, 2014

postcard art?

So I've been thinking about postcards for months now.  I wanted to do a few artsy quilty ones, BUT could never figure out just what to do. It could not be something that took a lot of time....It would be good if it was new to me...So enter a blog; written by Kathleen Loomis. The last few days I have been reading random posts of hers. Really no logical sequence, I just sit down and click on a year and a month and look around. She did a quilt a couple years ago that I'd seen and admired at quilt festival. The exhibit, Seasonal Pallet, was fabulous and a few of the quilts have stuck in my mind. You can see them here. Kathleen did a series of blog posts about 'quilt dates' with different techniques and I decided to try one of them and make it into a postcard. Her fine lines April date was my first experiment.
I really liked sewing the lines, the piecing was very simple but still a bit challenging to sew straight and even seams. I looked at my sewing scraps bin and saw the turquoise and knew I had some 'stripe' that I had just rejected from my stripe quilt project, so dug that out and cut it into 1/2" strips. then sliced and sewed....I probably spent 2 hours making the above fabric AND making postcards out of the resulting fabric.

I was on my own on the binding of the postcards so I did something different on each. Then on each post card I varied the thickness of the line at the edge. I have my favorite width and method now, how about you?
I can see why someone would do a series 'cause now I want to know what it would look like with narrow black lines (I used a zebra print, clearly too large scale for this small of a project.), could I make it look like something? a letter? a leaf?

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Kathleen Loomis said...

Laurie -- I'm so happy you grabbed my idea and made it work for you!

Here's a link to somebody who used the same idea and made a leaf