Saturday, March 1, 2014

Big zig zag quilt

While I can still remember what we did....Cut 4 4" strips of each of 13 fabrics. (If you want to copy us exactly you can cut 14 fabrics BUT the zig on the edge of the quilt only needs 2 strips, so the improved design has the zig on either side the same.) Four cuts will make 20 blocks of each fabric, which is more than you need. (if you use all 20 the quilt will be about 95" long) You need 18. Using scraps of the fabric arrange them in the order you want the zigzags. I just pinned them to a yard of fabric that was sitting on the table. 2 strips of each color sewn to the fabric of the zig above and 2 strips sewn to the fabric of the zig below.  Press the seam toward the dark and then cut it so that you have 5--7.5" squares from each paired strip. You will use 9 from one set and 9 from the other. That makes the quilt 60 x 82 before quilting, (cause that is not done yet.)
Arrange your blocks in the order of the zigs.9 cream and brown, then 9 brown and green then 9 green and gold etc..Each time you take a block off the pile, i.e. a cream and brown, take the rest of that color and turn it upside down next to your pile, making a 'discard pile'. Then when it's time to start a new row, just add the unused colors upside down on top of the 'discard' pile and turn the whole stack over and start again. The first 2 rows seam a bit confusing then it becomes very easy.
We worked as a team, I pinned the row together, Lisa sewed the blocks together then sewed the row to the previous rows and then grabbed the set of blocks that I'd pinned and had ready for her.
Remember the pain that I had with the bias edges on the yellow and gray quilt? This one WILL NOT HAVE THAT PROBLEM, I hope. This is why;
  • before cutting I turned the quilt over, starched the edge and
  • ironed a 2" wide piece of iron on interfacing on the bias where it would be trimmed.
  • Then I stay stitched the edge after cutting it. 
But only time will tell. I'm waiting for 5 yards of back fabric to tap me on the shoulder and say I'm ready.

Until then I have charity quilt #2 to work on, a disappearing 4 patch.

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