Saturday, February 22, 2014


I've been making bread lately; a lot of bread. I found this recipe on line and adapted it to my way, changed the ingredients a bit too. I made bread like this 30 years ago when I didn't have a good mixer or a bread machine. Now I have both and although I changed my method a bit (the kitchenaid can handle more flour than my old mixer could) the idea is the same.
In Gallup, New Mexico I went to the grocery store and purchased my souvenir of our stay there.
That's right, a 5 lb bag of flour. (I immediately saw in my mind some kind of wall hanging made using that flour sack) Now I've got to use this flour up so I can have the bag!

* I washed the bag and the bird faded terribly. My sister has the same bag, she washed it and it didn't fade. It must be the water alkalinity or acidy or something. I threw mine away.

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