Wednesday, October 30, 2013

wool dyeing continued

This batch of wool was dyed twice, once with burnt orange shown here and again with pumpkin orange.
Here I have the dyed fabric then a piece of the undyed...The 3rd from the left dyed very nicely but also shrank to the point that I cannot get a leaf out of it...So I went BACK to Texas Art Supply and purchased my 3rd container of pumpkin orange dye. I chose another wool, a pale pink to dye this time and I cut it extra large. They say that if you don't have abrupt temperature change the fabric won't felt but I say if it wants to felt it will. Of 12 fabrics one decided to felt more. (I washed all of the wool in hot soapy water before I started dyeing so they were all felted some.)
Now what happens when you piece fabric? You get scraps! So I started making pumpkins with the scraps....I was just going to make one....but they are so cute I made 3...

Now I need more to do a table runner and since I am dyeing the pink fabric orange I might as well bye me some 'scraps' so I can make more pumpkins. (Tonight is preview night of quilt festival so no dyeing for a few days.) I stopped when I ran out of small black scraps. I need to cut all I can out of the black for the leaf quilt so that I have know what scraps I have. So I can do this new project. These are going to need some small green leaves so I bought green dye....

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