Sunday, November 10, 2013

Antique shop

I had the unexpected opportunity to stop at a local antique shop. I'm specifically looking for;
  • a bench to use as a coffee table
  • a tray; just to be cute
  • a blackboard
  • a rose painting
  • umbrella stand to hold our walking sticks
  • a silly metal 'cage' to hold a bat for next halloween
I found none of them.

I found an interesting use of bedsprings;
Can you tell what it is? This will give you a hint;
A Christmas tree, it's only $49. but if you want to make it yourself the springs are $2.00 each.

I also found a small hand quilted quilt, I think it must have been pieced in the 70's the back was a polyester green double knit. It will probably last forever.

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