Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cathy Miller

Monday night I went to my quilt guild meeting. I knew Cathy Miller would be there and would be singing. I did not know how much I would enjoy the evening.
She sang original songs and showed a few quilts between each song. Her husband was there to sing duets with her and it was a wonderful evening. I bought 1 of her 5 cd's of folk music, mostly about quilts. On my cd; A Quilter's World (2004) she sings songs about long arming;'you can quilt that out' and songs about the worst fire in American history and the part a quilt played in it. She also sings a fun song about a cat and quilting and about the green movement of knitting for penguins, 15 songs. Her voice is delightful and the songs fun, poignant, warm, and silly. I would have enjoyed listening to her for another hour or two.
Listen to her singing 'You can quilt that out' here.
Wait! she has links to some of her songs on her website here.

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