Monday, November 11, 2013


I made my favorite cookies Saturday. Unfortunately they were for a missionary meeting and we could only eat 1 each. Fortunately they have to be cooled in a log in the fridge soooo I made an extra log and this morning 6a.m. I cooked just 8 of the cookies presumably for my son's lunch....Fortunately  he didn't count the cookies before I ate 2 of them. Unfortunately I forgot and left the leftover frosting out of the fridge overnight. Fortunately that made it soft enough to spread on the fragile cookies so I could make this;
Unfortunately image resizer would not work on this photo (never happened to me before) but that is fortunate for you since you can click on the picture and drool at the buttery goodness.
I used the recipe in my Cook's Illustrated magazine but I found it online for you here. I did not put the espresso powder in and I added chopped pecans and miniature chocolate chips. I used the frosting recipe from here that was left over from the last batch of cupcakes. These are fragile so I'm making a cardboard back to wrap with them to make it to school. Fancy they are not, 2 squares of cardboard cut from a spare shoe box. One used on each cookie and then wrapped in cellophane.

The deal is; if he does everything on his morning list without being reminded he gets them in his lunch....drat he did it.*
He makes the bread so he can have it in his lunch everyday. Actually he usually just takes the 2 sandwiches, if it is store bought bread he needs more food and will include a protein bar and applesauce. The apple in this picture? He's taking just for the surprise factor; it is pink in the middle;
 It is a Pink Pearl, a new apple at the store near least new to us. The apple tasted good too.
The kids around him have noticed his homemade bread sandwich and commented about it...would like to taste it since they haven't ever had homemade bread....He thinks they will notice his odd apple too.

*note he did not want to take the cookies in his lunch, so I insisted that he hide them from me while I waited in the car. After school he went and got them, behind the filter on the air intake for the air conditioner!


Liz Johnston said...

Interesting apple.

Liz Johnston said...

Looks like a good lunch too.