Monday, October 21, 2013

Wool quilt

Sew, I started collecting wool years ago. I started because my Mother needed some wool for a braided rug she was making, however mailing wool to her is a little expensive, so I just collected it. With our plan to move to Saudi Arabia we cleaned out and got rid of most of my wool.. :(  Now I started collecting again but thought I'd better start making something with it instead of storing it for another 10 years. So here is my EQ plan;
This is oversimplified. The alternate black block will not be one solid fabric. I don't believe that I have very many pieces of wool that are 12.5 inches wide, they will have to be pieced. I believe they will be 4-patches. Of course any quilt changes as it is built....
You saw the first 9 fabric last week since I dyed them orange.
I found the first 2 interesting to piece; wool is a bit stretchy/spongy even...not sure that the blocks are going to be exactly perfect. I pressed the seams open, on the wrong side, using steam. Pressing on the front without a press cloth can cause the wool to become shiny. Not sure that 1/4 inch is the best size for the seams. I think I'll redraft the pattern to 1/2" seams and try it on one block.
The first one turned out great. (Interesting...the black wool is the same in each block, but photographed differently, using the same room and lighting.)
The second the fabric was thicker and spongier. I couldn't get the stem centered...I am also cutting them a bit inaccurately. Relying on the old paper/card stock patterns since each piece of wool is a different shape and I'm afraid I'll over-cut with the rotary cutter and not have enough for a block.
I cut each piece one by one, using the cut edge of one piece for the cut edge of the next. I starched 2 of the pieces of wool last night and instead of ironing it dry just let it sit overnight. They were much easier to cut today, just a bit stiffer.
While I'm working I'm will I quilt this?

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