Saturday, August 31, 2013

zig zag.....doll quilt?

Two years ago! I worked on this project;
So one night 2 weeks ago I couldn't sleep I pulled it out. It looked like this when I quit working on it;
Here it is with a pen to give you a better idea of it's scale.
I'm through cutting all the squares I had to the proper size.

It worked well to have it set up and I'd work on it just a little bit each day.
I added a little helper to my ruler; you can barely see it in the picture of the ruler. There is a sheet of non-slip stuff that I purchased at Jo-Anne's.I trimmed it to triangles and put it on either side of the diagonal line on the ruler. Here's another picture, but it is hard to see since the stuff is clear;

With 3 layers on each side of the diagonal the ruler did not rock when I cut the squares. It made it easier.
So now I'm sewing them together....It works best to sew one on at a time so I don't flip the seams. There is not much room in an inch for a seam to 'flip'. So I'm trying to do it so I don't have any. And yes, I've had to rip out a few to get them to lay flat.
Now I'm not finished but you will see it soon.

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