Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Apple...not quite pie

I have recently started going through these magazines again.I've had a subscription in the past but since my family went vegan I did not continue. Now I just want to have fun in the kitchen again. So I bought this:
and made their skillet apple pie. I turned out fabulous. I've been wanting to make an apple pie but it seems like a big job to do in the summer. This took less time and the part I dislike about an apple pie is missing...the soggy bottom crust and waiting till it is cold to cut it. I used a combination of granny smith and golden delicious apples, maple syrup, apple cider...I'll repeat this recipe.
So good.
Now I'm collecting the ingredients to make their;
  • chocolate pots de creme
  • best french onion soup..(hunting my dutch oven, haven't seen it since the remodel)--very good
  • fluffy yellow layer cake with chocolate frosting,
  • pumpkin pie...I didn't even know there was a problem with the recipe on the can...clearly I have done it wrong for 30 years , I'll get it right soon though.
  • ultimate banana bread...I bought a bunch of bananas but getting overripe ones takes time and my husband keeps eating them....
  • multigrain pancakes...need muesli; checked 3 grocery stores so far
  • roasted cauliflower --very good
  • make ahead green beans, the green beans looked lousy, so I'll wait to make these.
  • a bean soup with kale, making that tomorrow--very good
So many recipes, so little time.....Then there is the beer bread and the pie crust with vodka that certainly sound interesting....but I don't do booze...

9/2/13 Made it again with help from 3 young adults....so much easier when 3 pair of hands are doing the peeling!

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