Thursday, May 30, 2013

Not Prom

Last night was prom for our local high school. My son was not interested into going to the dance. The whole 'prom' thing in this area has gotten out of control, very expensive. Jeffrey got a prom date months ago and since our rule has been that every date has to be a group date he paired up with another couple. They planned it for months. About 2 months ago they decided on the menu for what they wanted to serve the girls;
Prom Menu
Cheese filled ravioli (homemade)
tomato sauce
green beans with almonds and garlic
garlic bread
key lime pie

Last Tuesday after school my couch was moved out of the front room, and the kitchen table moved in....Friday the girls came over and the room got cleaned, and the pool got cleaned and the hot room got cleaned. (Can we have a party weekly?) There are 2 chandelier thingy's  (I saw something similar here.)  Then finally the room looked like this;

 I taught them how to make ravioli about 6 weeks ago and suggested that it would be fun to make it with the girls. Saturday morning they met and took my noodle machine and recipes and made the ravioli. Evidently it was a lot of fun (flour fight was mentioned by the other mother.) 

They also went swimming and watched a movie. The girls were home by midnight. There was a lot of laughing, they had a great time. 

There were enough left overs for us to eat later AND Jeffrey has made fettuccine since then. Today (the first day he didn't have to go to school) he invited 2 friends over and they made ravioli again. Great lunch!

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Sue Bridges said...

A lovely evening had by all by the sound of it the room and table setting look lovely and I am sure the food was wonderful. :) Sue