Monday, June 3, 2013

week-end plans...

Our plans for the week-end; ----2 weeks ago
  • fix my bike
  • vote
  • get Jeffrey to school for a dress rehearsal at 2
  • get Andrew to do tons of homework
  • mow
  • do laundry
  • clean bathrooms
  • clean bedrooms
  • quilt quilt
  • bake pie to take to church for
  • crawfish boil 
  • attend Jeffrey's last choir performance
What we did ;
  • vote
  • only 2 tubs of laundry
  • got Andrew to do most of one big assignment
  • got Jeffrey to school, had to get him to get a ride
  • bought frozen pie to bake
  • bought a new car, got up this morning and Roger's car wouldn't work...
  • late to crawfish boil
  • attend Jeffrey's last choir performance

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