Thursday, April 4, 2013

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Some of you go shopping when stressed, I  do too but I will often come home with new cookbook....
This one came home with me about a month ago;
There are several recipes I want to try in this. Yesterday I did the Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake; here's a picture of how it was supposed to turn out;
Looks fabulous BUT I must have gotten rid of my normal spring form pan in our 'get rid of the things you don't use often and get ready to move to Saudi'. (We are not moving to Saudi...LONG story...)and the only pan I thought would work is this one;
(This pan that I have NEVER used before, still had the thrift store price on of $1.50, somehow did not get purged.) I bought the ingredients 2 weeks ago so I knew I must proceed before the heavy cream curdled in the fridge.
This is my version;
The white chocolate layer would not fit inside the pan so I un-molded it and then tried to use the white layer as frosting...not very successfully. I may have needed to whip the cream longer. But it was just a taste test to see if this cake could justify re-buying a spring form pan* (the kind I had actually used before getting rid of), and Jeffrey was thinking of making this for his prom formal dinner. After starting the cake, had the first flour-less chocolate cake baked and cooled, he found out his date doesn't care for chocolate! (So sad, I'll have to try a different recipe...)
(Did not come out of the pan very successfully either. Which meant I had big crumbs to taste before finishing.)

My husband thinks it is wonderful and a friend that I invited over also loved it. My almost 16 year old almost gagged on the first layer and didn't like the mousse layer either. The white chocolate layer he loved. I think it is great but not sure I'll be getting that pan after all.

Life has been interesting the last 2 months; My husband was packed and ready to leave for Saudi when we decided it would not be good for our family after all. We are busy re-planning our life and unpacking boxes.... at least the painting and the doors got finished!

*The pan...I bought a new one. Didn't use it. Found the one I didn't use but couldn't find (and thought I'd purged) 5 months later in the cupboard where it belongs. LOL (Laughing out me!)

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katie z. said...

I hadn't checked in for a while and expected to see you moved! Good luck with the unpacking.