Thursday, April 4, 2013

Chenille Blanket

I have been doing some things while I haven't blogged...very few, but one was to start a baby blanket for grandbaby #7 (most likely a boy).
But I'm a bit stuck. I can't decide on the binding. So I will show you a few pictures and ask your opinion...
These are the flannels I chose. I already had the alligator print, made a receiving blanket for this baby's big brother, so got 3 more flannels. I washed and dried all of them 3 times to prevent them from shrinking later. Layered and pinned the layers together. (I got tired of getting poked with the pins, could have used safety pins but didn't, so when half done I basted it across in 3 places. The flannel did not shift much but I also used my walking foot. Then I quilted 1/2 inch apart, on the diagonal, using the domestic sewing machine...all over, which took a long time.
Here you can see the beginning of the 'chenille' but really you won't be able to really tell what it will look like until it has been washed. Will not wash it until it is bound...Can't decide how to bind it.
Here is what I'm thinking;
  1. narrow satin bias binding with the corners curved
  2. wide blue purchased blanket satin binding with the corner square
  3. regular quilting fabric with mitered corners
Problem with number 1, nothing matches either blue or the green and I'm not sure the yellow will show up enough to merit using that to bind it. (Can still go to another fabric store.)
Wide blanket binding doesn't match exactly but probably well enough but without a coupon it would be about $16. (I don't have a coupon .)
Regular binding doesn't give the baby that touch of satin that lots of babies love....

Here is a link to a blanket that used satin, unbias binding. One that used normal quilt binding. And one that used a wider binding. Haven't seen one using regular blanket binding.

What do you think?

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Sue Bridges said...

Sorry I can't help with your dilemma as I am not a quilter, but would love to try. I am sure which ever you decide it will look fantastic, it looks lovely already and I am sure your new addition to the family will love it. Sue x