Friday, November 23, 2012


We had a fun Thanksgiving, thanks to my family and Mary's. I hurt my back Tuesday (as far as I can tell I hurt it getting out of a chair!) so did not do much but supervise. I made a pumpkin dip Monday. Tuesday I managed to do the marinated mushrooms.  Wednesday Andrew made the cranberry sauce. Thursday I sat at the table and peeled 12 oranges, that Andrew picked from our tree, and took the membrane off (that will probably never happen again-it took 2 hours-but I couldn't walk so it was a good job for me) for the fruit salad. Andrew made fresh lemonade, from our homegrown lemons. Then I cut up the vegetables for this;
Put everything in bags and constructed it at Mary's. Turned out cute but we brought home most of the vegetables. Just too much for 12 people to eat when there were yummier options.
After dinner we played a game called spoons, rules found here. It was a fun group game although being played on the floor I did not get down and play.
After pie we played another game, Nerts, at the table. We played the couple version, and after every 2 rounds the couples changed, the worst player put with the best player and so on.  I'm pretty sure we have played this game at Liz's. I lost at -101!  It was a fun evening.

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