Friday, November 23, 2012

Last hat?

This is the beginning of Jeffrey's hat. I had purchased some blue and white yarn for his hat but he requested black.
I thought I'd get a bunch done but the pain med's I'm put on me to sleep. It is the last hat to knit for Christmas presents...unless I decide on another one; I still want to do the blue and white for Jeffrey. If he gets accepted into BYU he would have a hat to wear to the football games since their colors are blue and white. Is that too strange?
Judy has 'on the needles' going over on her blog.


Dar said...

I like the yarn for his hat, and am curious as to what it will look like finished. What pattern do you use for quick hats? Hope he gets in to BYU too.

Judy D in AZ said...

Ouch and Yawn. Hope you feel better soon. It is such a bummer to hurt yourself doing something so routine. Rest up and don't try to get back into it too soon! Knitting should be the hardest thing you do.

Mary said...

Awesome you are on the last gift knit. I'm sure he'll love it.