Sunday, November 11, 2012


I realized Saturday how close Christmas is....for some reason it is the same time every year and comes no matter what your stresses are.
I'm afraid that this year is no exception. We are getting ready to move. Not just move, but MOVE. My husband is being transferred to Saudi Arabia in the Spring and I am going with him. I have always wanted to travel and thought living overseas would be fabulous. Of curse I picture myself over 'there' young and thin; riding a gondola or driving on the left side of the road, gazing at tulips or hiking the alps. I never pictured myself being overseas old, fat and wearing an all encompassing black dress.
However I think it will be interesting visiting souks (old markets) and scuba diving in the Persian Gulf.(Yes, I have passed the classes for scuba diving.) I have had many people tell me it is fabulous over there and I think it will be great. One couple we are friends with left for SA 4 years? ago and said it was like living at camp; only for adults. Lots of activities and travel opportunities planned with the expatriates in mind.
We will be living in a furnished apartment (2 bedroom) or villa (3 bedroom) in a compound in Jubail. We start the visa process Monday.
I have so many questions. Today I'm worrying about my raggedy ann dolls. Do I
  • put them in un-air-conditioned storage for 3 years?
  • give to Goodwill?
  • give to grandsons? (why would they want them?)
  • are they covered on the 'no graven image' ban Saudi has? I know no statues are allowed and no stuffed animals, but what about dolls? stuffed dolls?
  • take them with me? 
  • at least the 'Brian' one?
If I take them with me I would need to either
  • carry them in my checked luggage or
  • carry-on luggage or
  • send in the big air shipment or
  • send in the 'slow boat to china' shipment.

These dolls sit in a basket by my computer (their 'job' is to hide the cords) and take up about 1 square foot of space. If I have to think this much about every square foot of my home, my brain will explode.

* We decided not to move, 2 days before my husband was to leave.


straythreads said...

what an adventure! The cultural differences. I would take one with me and put everything else in storage. I would kit up some projects to work on and kit some up to have shipped at a later date as needed. You may get so caught up in things to do there you won't have time.
Best wishes

katie z. said...

Wow! I didn't stop by for a few days and now you're moving!!! Good luck.

I wouldn't take the dolls if it were me, but I don't know where I would store them either. :(