Monday, November 12, 2012

Quilt kit 1

Years and years ago I thought I would have a period of time when it would not be easy to participate in exchanges and I would have a chance to finish ALL the blocks I had gathered from exchanges. I believe that I will not have easy access to a quilt shop in Saudi Arabia so instead of putting quilts together I am gathering the bits and pieces I will need to finish a few quilts. Call it my 'quilt kit'. I counted my blocks and tried to come up with a plan before going shopping. I came up with 2 plans for my pink cake stand blocks.

Armed with the yardage needs for both quilts I went to Robyn Pandolf's wearhouse sale in Galveston and found some fabric that will work for the top design; $2.00 a yard! I bought a bolt of it..I got to adjust my plan to this:
Here are the fabrics;
Maybe another fabric for the binding....there is plenty of the pale pink for the back. I'll cut swatches and stick them in my purse so I can add another yard to this kit, then it all goes in a box and wait until spring 2014 to work on it again...
edited; found a pink plaid that will work great for the binding of the quilt kit.
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