Friday, November 9, 2012

Marching Band

Marching band has been a way of life for all of Jeffrey's high school years. August 1st to the middle of November. He is a SENIOR! No more sad. He will get to march during half-times if the football team keeps winning but no 8 hours of practice a week for the rest of football season. They won a couple of competitions this season and had a great show.
Tonight is their last performance of the 'marching show' for 2012. Before the football game. The half-time show is a tradition here; every Jr. high band student marches and every choir student in Friendswood performs, (translate to no parking and no room in the stands!).
I get to make a dessert to donate to the dinner before and take it at 3. The band requires us to buy/sell 8 tickets. Unfortunately for us no one in my family, 'cept me, will eat a chicken sandwich. So I still get to make dinner for us. Then I have to pick Andrew up at 4 and bring Jeffrey his band stuff and a meal. Then come back at 6.
I think I'll get another knitting project started today so I can sit at the high school and knit instead of drive back and forth. :)
My favorite Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookies, (recipe blogged here.)
Now to bag them all up and cart them to the high school

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