Monday, November 19, 2012

Kaffe Kit/ Quilt Kit 2

I've managed to put together everything for my Kaffe 'Kleenex box' quilt, including the binding.
Starting on the left;
  • a fat back of yellow
  • solid green binding
  • great print of foxgloves for outer border
  • inner border of orange and gold zebra stripe
  • sashing for the blocks golden yellow
  • 2 of the Kaffe blocks (these were an exchange so there are enough for a quilt)
I really want to work on this quilt now but I will not, I will not...well maybe just one block sashed so I can see how it will turn out.
Here's my EQ version;
As I get a kit ready I am putting them into the largest suitcase we have.... At least it gets it out of the sewing room. The blog is great, I do a search and then I can figure out what I was planning, just in case I loose my notes.
Judy has links to some neat quilts in her post. Check it out here.


Jill said...

The fabrics you've chosen will go great with the Kaffe blocks. I especially like the orange and gold zebra stripe. FUN!

PatSloan said...

great group of fabrics and love the layout!! have fun!