Thursday, November 15, 2012


I'm sure you are interested but today I had to go and
  • get a request for police report form for Roger (for VISA)
  • analyze pool water for pool-Pool Warehouse
  • white thick t-shirt for Andrew-Hobby Lobby
  • Dawn dishwashing soap for white t-shirt-HEB; grocery store
  • long underwear for Jeffrey-Academy
  • Yarn for last hat-Park Avenue yarn (didn't buy it since I forgot to bring a scrap to match)
  • lunch for me :) (barbecue at Rudy's)
  • gas for car-Exxon
Unfortunately every one of those items meant a different store and 3 different towns; Friendswood, Webster, and League City...oops 4, gas was purchased in Pasadena.
Tomorrow will be more of the same....

While I was gone the contractor finished putting up the tile around our fireplace. :)

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