Wednesday, November 14, 2012


  • I'm grateful for a new ironing board cover. 
  • I'm grateful I have fabric to iron. Lovely 24+ yards from my shopping 2 weeks ago. I rolled the 14 yards and 9 yards back on their bolts...they take a lot more space now that they have been washed. I just can't roll it as tight.
  •  I'm grateful to have a new iron; a Rowenta. I had dropped my old Rowenta iron 1 too many times. So last summer I grabbed my 40% off coupon and drove to JoAnn's. At the register I discovered that JoAnn's coupon does not cover irons. :(  Oh, well I still needed an iron so I got it. THEN they went on sale in September. My friend took my advice and bought a Rowenta too. It is heavy and gives out a lot of steam. The iron needs to be hot before tipping down when there is water in it or it might leak. It has never leaked once it got hot though. Are all irons like that?
  •  I'm grateful for my ironing board. It is a HEAVY one I got at a garage sale 19 years ago for $3.00. I wonder how old it is? It is certainly sturdier than the one we bought at K-Mart when we got married. I thought I'd repaint it and make it pretty, but it still has the same rust spots it had when I purchased it. I have it set up next to the sewing machine and with a swivel chair I do not even have to get up from the sewing machine. I do a lot more pressing than I did when the iron was downstairs.

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