Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dream week

The week of Halloween was fabulous. I'd call it a Quilt Dream Week.
  • Monday I met with 3 friends; Beth, Jackie and Lisa and we had lunch together and then went to 'the Painted Pony', a fairly close quilt shop.There I picked up fabric for one of my quilt kits. It is such a delight to have 'conferencing' available when choosing fabric for a quilt. I'll post about my 'kit' soon.
  • Tuesday I met with Lisa on a spur of the moment run to Robyn Pandolf's warehouse sale. Robyn was in Houston for Quilt Festival and decided to sell her fabric that had been put in storage when she left for Singapore. I got fabric for the quilt kit that I blogged about yesterday.
  • Wednesday I got to ride into Houston with other quilters for Quilt Festival preview night and view quilts....and shop, I bought some yarn.
  • Thursday I rode to quilt festival with Mary and Lisa. Fun, fun, and pain (from walking so many hours). When I got home the package of fat quarters I had won from Fort Worth Fabric Studio had come. Free fabric! Great autumn fabrics Free! I had entered a give-away on Carolyn's blog and was totally shocked when I won.
A couple of years ago I had played on EQ7 and designed an autumn quilt. (Here's my 'Electric Quilt')
I have some new fabric for it now! Thank-you Carolyn and Fort Worth Fabric Studio.
  • Friday I got to go to Quilt Festival again, did I mention free parking? My friend's husband works nearby and let us park at his work. The all day parking was jacked up for Quilt Festival to $20 per day. On Friday I saw the 'Seasons' exhibit. There was a notice that no photos were allowed. Later I found one of my favorites was posted by the artist on her web site. Here. (You have to scroll down to her October posting about Tranquility/Wild Iris quilt; for some reason I cannot link to the exact post.) I just found all the quilts on the SAQA site. Most of the quilt in the exhibit were fabulous.(Scroll down to 'Canopy,' my favorite in the exhibit)
Then to top the week off I got to sit in the car and knit for 6 hrs on Saturday.
Pretty nice week!

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